Welcome to the Moving Beyond Mormonism Questionnaire
Are you 18 years old or older? *

Would you be interested in participating in an empowerment program for moving beyond mormonism? Outline agenda of the program would include weekly online video interaction, recommended readings and suggested homeplay activities? This program would be led by a female former mormon and psychiatric nurse and spiritual counselor. *

Do identify yourself as male or female?

How did you leave the Mormon Church? *

When did you leave The Mormon Church? *

At the time of your greatest involvement, how invested were you in mormonism? *

What main reason do you have for leaving mormonism? *

What issue broke the camel's back?
Since leaving mormonism, what do you struggle with most? *

Are you currently diagnosed with major depression? *

Do you have another mental disorder you've been diagnosed with?  If so, what?

Do you currently see a therapist? *

What is your biggest hope for yourself for the future? *

Which Issue Would You Seek Guidance to Change or improve? *

Is leaving mormonism stressful?  Why or why not?  If yes, what are the main ways you cope with the stress or upsets with leaving mormonism?  (i.e. self care activities, friends, therapy, work, hobby, pharmaceuticals, other) *

Open comments - A place to speak your mind or ask a question before leaving the survey.

Also, to submit survey, you do not have to complete every question, just the required ones marked with a * (asterisk)
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